Menu Carla

Group Menu 3 29,50 €

Group Menu 3 29,50 €

Menu Carla
29,90 €


Choice of starters:

  Buffalo caprese salad


Salad with marinated cod and anchovies


Roast beef with a creamy sauce made of anchovies and capers


Choice of main dishes:

Large raviolli stuffed with ricotta cheese


Beef entrecot with baked potatoes


"Rigatoni al pesto siciliano" made of basil, pine nuts and sun dried tomato

Choice of pizza



Tiramisú – Panna cotta – Lemon sorbet – Brownie – Coffee

Wine cellar:

Nero d'Avola red wine, Chardonnay Montepietroso white wine or rosé

Bread, water

Cava supplement option: 2,00 €

Not included: drinks, beer, coffee, liquor
or any other alcoholic drink

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